Why use an entertainment company?

Why use an entertainment company?

  • Jan 06, 2020
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There's a number of different reasons that we think using an events entertainment agency is the best decision you can make for your event, and why we think Evolve Entertainment is the one for you! Here at Evolve we have a huge variety of customers, from private clients to huge events companies, as well as major brands, festivals and tv shows. To date we have never advertised, as such a high percentage of our big catalogue of customers are repeat clients.


If you are looking to book entertainment for your event, the best thing you can do is come to an entertainment company, as we have experience of many different types of events and acts. While events companies are fantastic at handling multiple areas of an event, some may not have much experience with entertainment, and as such my not know where to start. Event companies excel at logistics and bringing on most occasions many different companies who all specialise in their own departments, E.G Decor, staging, lighting, catering and of course entertainment.

Evolve has been a limited company for 7 years now, but our director Gemma has worked in the industry for 15 years and as such has built up a huge knowledge of one of the most diverse and ever-changing industries. We have worked on every type of event imaginable and have built up a vast knowledge of what works well, what can go wrong, and how to solve problems quickly at an event. We have worked in many different countries and experienced different cultures, learning to adapt when our way is not the same as that of locals (so we've basically learnt how to be very patient!!). You may be completely new to the events world or you may be a seasoned professional, but our input into your event will bring the knowledge you need to make it a cut above the rest.



If you are looking to book more than one act, we can offer a package that works best for you. Unlike a lot of entertainment agencies, we own hundreds of acts and costumes in house, so quite often can double up performers, utilising them for various sections throughout the night. This means that you can get the most for your money, and have a package that reflects your theme perfectly. Going to various companies might mean that you are losing out on potential discounts. We also know what works well with what, so can ensure you are getting a variety of acts that work well together. We also quite often provide an events manager for free, to manage all the acts we have booked for you, to again ease that stress on the night and ensure the event goes perfectly. If you book a number of acts from different agencies you will have to fill this role yourself or let it go un-managed.

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Focussed Customer Service

As an entertainment agency, events are our passion, and we love helping to develop a client's creative, taking it from concept to creation. We pride ourselves on delivering a dedicated and focussed customer service experience, ensuring that we are giving you the best possible service throughout. We put the time into ensuring the client's entertainment needs are met within the budget they have and they are blown away with the results.

Experienced At 'Last Minute'

Entertainment isn't usually the first thing that clients book, in fact it is usually the last! This means that more often than not, clients will come to us when they have spare budget, usually quite soon before the event. We are used to dealing with this and can turn an enquiry into a booking incredibly quickly. We have a dedicated performer database who love working with us, so availability is never a problem for us. Also owning most of the acts we promote means we can tell you immediately it an act is free, giving you peace of mind.

If you would like to talk to a member of the team about your event, get in touch today!

01442 531092 / info@evolve-entertainment.co.uk

Or drop in for a face to face meeting in our creative space to see some of our costumes and props close up.