Save The Entertainment Industry

Save The Entertainment Industry

  • Aug 14, 2020
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The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect all over the world, not only to peoples lives, but also on a huge number of different industries and the economy of every country has been affected. As lockdown eases more and more in the UK, life for some can start returning to a 'new normal'. For the events industry however there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel just yet. The whole events industry has been hugely effected, with technicians, events planners, musicians, production companies and entertainers being out of work for months. The first socially distanced concert took place this week, which is fantastic progress, however for the events entertainment industry, things don't look so good.

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While there is some work picking up with private garden parties, the idea of having corporate entertainment seems a million miles away. If companies can eventually start putting on events for their staff, clients and colleagues, they may not have the budget to have entertainment.

Entertainment professionals have had to rely on the self employment scheme, which for some has worked out to be very minimal because of the way it is calculated. For others, they have absolutely nothing and have had to find another line of work, which at the moment is not an easy thing to do either.

The #wemakeevents 'Red Alert Campaign' aims to bring this to the forefront of the government's mind, and asks for more support for this world-leading industry. Events companies across the UK have lit up buildings red, put together lighting displays and even put on red LED performances to grab the attention of the government.

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The industry is by no means starting to get back to normal, and so the end of the furlough and self employment schemes will have a huge impact on people. Jobs will be lost, and event related companies will not be able to survive without more help.

Click the link below to find out more and see how you can help support this amazing industry.

Share your story. Get involved. Save the industry.

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