White Lace Silks

A powerful performance of strength with an elegant twists and turns a real show stopper

  • PerformersSolo act
  • DurationShow: 3 mins
  • Ceiling hieghtMinimum 5m

Graceful yet strong this act is performed on aerial silks. It will leave the audience in awe of the amazing performance taking place above their heads. 

Throughout the show our highly skilled artist performs acrobatic tricks and patterns with the silks that culminate in a dangerously high impact finish.

The beautiful lace costume completes the look to ensure it is a visually perfect, however this act can be themed to any number of looks or music, so please get in contact today for more options on theme.

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • An aerial rigging point within the venue is required
  • Venue to supply ladder / scissor lift to reach rigging point in the ceiling
  • Minimum performance space required is 2m x 2m
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 5m
  • Please supply rig / de-rig times when enquiring for this act
  • Preferred weight testing per rigging point is 1 tonne

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