Vintage Martini Glass

A beautifully vintage martini glass show guaranteed to awe you.

  • PerformersSolo act
  • DurationShow: 5 mins
  • WaterWet floor from excess water

Inspired by Dita's Martini Glass Show this performer portrays this act extraordinarily.

Opening with the most dazzling gown removing layer by layer with a beautiful wet finale as she splashes around in the Martini glass, she even has the giant olive sponge!

This performer can also perform 'The Absinth Glass', dressed head to foot in jet black shimmering crystals, captivating the audience and taking them to the dark side! Bathing in a giant glass of absinthe – complete with a giant sugar cube – with a wonderful erotic and hypnotic finale!

The Vintage Martini Glass can also be placed as a beautiful focal point of your venue.

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