Vintage Harmony

Kick back and order an 'Old Fashioned' while they weave their dulcet tunes around you

  • Performers 3 singers, 1 Double Bass, 1 Drummer and 1 Technician
  • Duration2 x 45 mins
  • Set up time30 mins

This vintage Harmony Trio provide exclusive global entertainment. With performances for Rolls Royce and Bentley to featuring on Made in Chelsea and Vintage Life Magazine these stunning singers have established themselves as one of London's leading entertainment acts.

Including sultry singing, dapper dressing and slick choreography. This sassy trio will be sure to have you singing along to their set of jazz, soul, blues, swing and bebop. From heyday to modern day!

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • Flat, firm, surface
  • Good quality mixing desk with a minimum of 12 channels and equalisation preferably parametric is required with graphics for both out front and monitors
  • Full range of house speakers
  • Bass amp
  • Keyboard amp
  • 1 x good quality multi-effect unit is: Yamaha SPX900
  • 3 SM58 vocal microphones with round base microphone stands
  • 5 x mintor speakers and sends
  • A Minimum of 3 - 4 special lights are required with coloured gels