Under The Sea Sphere

Released from the sea only long enough to bring smiles to the faces lucky enough to look upon hers

  • PerformersSolo act
  • Duration3 x 30 mins sets
  • Set up3.5 hours

Stand captivated when her globe travels past, mesmerising the young and old alike with her undersea performance, complete with dancing seaweed and other creatures of the beautiful deep.

The mermaid loves to watch their faces as guests marvel, to reach out and touch the hand of a charmed spectator. She flaps her tail and encourages her audience to interact with her, to push the big red button on her globe, releasing a glittery spectacle and making the seaweed sway around her.

Children delight in playing in her bubbles, catching these mermaid kiss especially sent to her new little friends, imaginations running wild and free "is she real mummy?".

The mermaid smiles and waves, hair flowing upward with the water around her, capturing the hearts of all who dare to dream of the allure of the deep from where she came, charmed by the spells of love and hope she casts on all.

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • Flat, firm, surface
  • Minimum performance space required is 4m x 4m, this is a walkabout act so the more space the better.
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 2.5m
  • Loading bay and parking required
  • Sets are required to be at least 40 mins apart
  • Set up time is 3.5 hours

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