The Ultimate LED Show

Wow your guests with this action packed and visually stunning LED show

  • Performers11 performers
  • Duration15 mins
  • RecommendedLow Light

This brand new wow factor show is sure to impress guests with a huge range of LED skills and equipment. Featuring the Tron Style Pixel and Glow Show, as well as a host of other LED acts, this show is perfect for a host of different events and can be tailored to your specific needs. The show begins with 6 LED dancers performing a choreographed routine. The LED Hula Hooper then takes to the stage, performing with up to 4 hoops at one time. The glow show team then take to the stage to show off their skills, while the LED dancers make their way around the room, breaking out into slick robotic dance moves throughout. The show is finished off with a spectacular pyrotechnic finale.

Length - 15 minutes (can be longer or shorter if needed - we are very flexible and can adapt the routine as you see fit). All performers can double up doing ambient sets during the drinks reception, or after the show. 

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