Toy Box Contortion

Bring back those fun childhood memories with our larger than life Toy Box

  • PerformersSolo act
  • DurationSet: 15 mins
  • RecommendedMix and mingle

Fun and playful our large toy box surprises guests when our performer pops out and starts performing around the prop. 

With many choices of artists from beautiful ballerinas to clown contortionists it can suit almost any event.

This unique act is a guaranteed crowd pleaser creating a sense of intrigue to find out exactly what is in the box!

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • Flat, firm, smooth, sturdy, non-slippery surface
  • Minimum performance space required is 3m x 3m
  • Box Dimensions - 90cms x 90cms
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 2.5m
  • A safe clean warm space to warm up in

Packages this act features in