Our roller skaters will whizz around your guests in a playful manner making sure it is hard not to smile and enjoy this vibrant and fun entertainment

  • Performers1 - 10
  • DurationEvent specific
  • RecommendedMix and mingle

With choreographed roller skating shows that will take your breath away with their creative performance to hostesses that can serve or promote products we have roller skills for any occasion. 

We also have a vast range of costumes for you to choose from ensuring we can match your event

  • 80's Roller Girls
  • 50's Disco Roller Girls
  • Tux and Tail Roller Girls
  • Showgirl Roller Girls
  • Animal Roller Girls
  • Clowns on wheels
  • Glowing Roller Girls
  • Charleston Roller Girls
  • Vintage Roller Girls
  • Carnival Roller Girls
  • Tropical Bird Roller Girls
  • Harlequin Roller Girls

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory