Party Paparazzi

We gotcha, yeah we gotcha good!

  • Performers1 - 6
  • Duration1-7 hours
  • RecommendedGreat interactive act

With their quick-fire banter and flash bulbs popping, you will all feel like real celebrities before the party has even started!

Okay, so they are not real paparazzi, but they are professional event photographers, not just a pretend act! The party paparazzi will make your guests feel like superstars, as they fight to get that perfect picture as they walk down the red carpet. 

After everyone has arrived they will also bag some party shots too, so all you have to do is bask in the whole 'a-lister buzz', in the safe knowledge you won't be splashed over the celeb mags in the morning - well probably not.

Our paps will have you cracking up when you arrive, what's more they'll be taking pro-quality shots as well! It's a win win - because when you're smiling and laughing - everyone looks more natural. 

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