LED Stilt Walkers

Allow our stunning LED stilt walkers to light up your event with a number of different costumes and colours

  • Performers2-6
  • Duration2 x 45 mins
  • RecommendedLow lights

Here at Evolve Entertainment, we specialise in LED props and costumes, and we pride ourselves in creating the best for our customers.

Our LED stilt walkers are no exception - whether they are greeting guests, mix and mingling for photos, or performing alongside other LED shows, they really do light up the room in the best way possible. The LEDs can be set to a certain colour or can pulsate through all colours, so if you have a certain colour scheme, we can match this. Why not have the stilt walkers performing alongside our LED Drummer, or have them parade guests from one room to another. 

The LED costumes can be worn on foot or on stilts, and we have 6 different designs to choose from. Or if you would like more than 6 then our in-house LED design team would love to create new costumes for you!

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 4m - 5m

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