LED Drumming Troupe

This is a truly spectacular LED drumming ensemble

  • Performers3 - 20
  • DurationShow: 3-5 mins / Ambient: 20 mins
  • RecommendedLow light for best results

Utilising pioneering LED panel technology, the drums' panels and sticks display complex light shows which are synchronised to an audio track. The drumming ensemble perform all styles of high precision, high powered and highly visual drumming while being completely mobile.

This unique light show is customisable to your event with the ability to display text and logos across the drums. It is the perfect show for a whole manner of events including: corporate, product launches, festivals, advertising and private parties.

The utterly amazing LED drummers are part of a professional and highly experienced drumming ensemble. They work very closely with clients to create completely bespoke shows and have a great list of high profile clients such as: Glastonbury, Hyde Park BST, NFL, Rugby World Cup Finals, The Vamps, London Marathon, Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway, Omega, BNY, Subway, Mozilla and many more.

There is an option to add LED Brass instruments or LED Ballerinas to this act, to really add the wow factor, (this also extends the set lengths).

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • Minimum of 3 drummers is required for the booking
  • Technician required
  • Minimum performance space required is 3m x 3m
  • Vehicle access is required

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