The Gatsby Fire Girls

Entice your guests with our Gatsby inspired fire routine or meet and greet fire performances

  • Performers1 - 20
  • DurationShow: 5 mins / Ambient: 20 mins
  • Low lightRecommended for best results

Bringing the swing style of the 1920s to your event with our gorgeous Gatsby Fire Girls. Dressed in beautiful gold sequined catsuits with flowers in their hair to match, they perform a mesmerising show to wow your audience and bring the theme to life.

This is one of our most popular acts, and with our amazing range of equipment, we are flown all over the world to perform our bespoke Gatsby Fire Show. We can easily adapt the show to suit your needs, using as many girls as you require, as well as a range of different fire equipment. 

The skill, beauty and personality of our fire performers will add that complete spectacle to any event big or small. We have many years of experience in this field and are proud to be the best in the business. 

Here at Evolve Entertainment we pride ourselves on safety and professionalism, so every fire performer we supply is fully trained, insured and a master of their skills.

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • All safety equipment will be supplied by the performer
    e.g. fire blanket, wet towel, fire extinguisher
  • Flat, firm *** NON FLAMMABLE **** surface
  • Clearance of 3m between performers and audience
  • All air conditioning must be switched off during the performance in order that fire tricks can be performed safely
  • For outside performances any adverse weather conditions (e.g. torrential rain which is beyond the performers control), if deemed a risk then the performance can be adjusted to perform inside on most occasions

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