Fiery Hula Hoop

A fierce fiery hula hoop show that is steaming hot!

  • PerformersSolo act
  • DurationShow: 5 - 15 mins
  • RecommendedLow light for best results

A circus styled fire hula hooping performance full of tricks that will impress every audience. Watch as our fierce artist twists and turns with her flame filled hula hoop ensuring this fast driven show is simply mesmerising

Additional fire props can be added to create an exceptional performance of danger and skill

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • All safety equipment will be supplied by the performer
    e.g. fire blanket, wet towel, fire extinguisher
  • Flat, firm *** NON FLAMMABLE **** surface
  • Clearance of 3m between performers and audience
  • All air conditioning must be switched off during the performance in order that fire tricks can be performed safely
  • For outside performances any adverse weather conditions (e.g. torrential rain which is beyond the performers control), if deemed a risk then the performance can be adjusted to perform inside on most occasions
  • Minimum performance space required is 2m x 2m
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 4m