Cirque De Burlesque Show

A circus inspired burlesque striptease that combines the ferocity of a ringmaster with some of the playfulness of the big top

  • Performers2 - 3
  • DurationShow: 3 mins / Ambient: 20 mins
  • RecommendedAdults only

The sexy circus has come to town!

Grab your candy floss and popcorn as you are in for a cheeky show! This show combines burlesque and circus in an upbeat strip tease.

This chair routine is fun, sassy and full of surprises. 

The girls whip off their jackets, stockings and gloves to reveal pasties and a wink. This routine will be sure to entertain any audience.

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • Venue to supply 1 x chair per dancer
  • Minimum performance space required is 3m x 3m

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