Bollywood Snake Charmer

Our vibrant Bollywood temptress complete with exotic snake

  • PerformersSolo act
  • DurationSets: 3 x 15-30 mins
  • SnakeThis act has specific safety guidelines

This Bollywood themed walkabout act stands out from the crowd with her brightly coloured traditional attire as she wonders deep into the audience. With her stunning looks and glamorous nature, she is always very popular at every event we send her to.

She allows guests to get up close and personal with this beautiful creature, even allowing the brave to pet him. Perfect for an Asian themed event adding an extra dimension that will certainly WOW your guests. She also fits perfectly with 'Bollywood' or an 'Arabian Nights' themed nights.

Perfect for

Tech requirements

Technical Specifications/Requirements: 

Changing/Secure Facilities 

  • The snake will be kept in a well ventilated, secure, clearly marked box at all times when not being used in performance.

  • A secure changing room will be required to store the box, with a power supply to connect a heat source.

  • There must be minimal music/noise in this area to allow the snake resting time before appearances. Absolutely no smoking in this area. 

Stage Show requirements 

  • Stagesize must accommodate enough space to be out of arms reach of customers. 

  • When sharing with other performers, a safe and suitable distance depending on skills maybe required.

  • We recommend a minimum two meter distance from each end of the snake. 

  • When sharing the stage with fire performers, a non smokey/clean fuel must be used (as not to distress the snake) or a suitable distance to provide efficient ventilation. 

Lighting and Effects 

  • Smoke machines are NOT suitable for the snake. If special effects such as Pyros, glitter canons, flames, strobes etc are being used, I must be made aware of this so I can keep the snake out of the detonation/special effects area. 


  • The snake can be taken outdoors when the weather is permitting (hot day) but this is not something we agree prior, due to the usual unreliable weather conditions in the UK. This can be negotiated and agreed, if suitable and requested on the day.

  • The snake may be touched (not on or near her head) and photographed with permission. 

  • In areas of overcrowding additional assistance may be required to get her through the crowd safely and to allow people to approach one at a time. If this is not possible, a cordoned off area that people can enter one at a time maybe more suitable. 

Environmental Conditions 

  • The snake can deal with a reasonable level of lighting and a reasonable volume of music comfortably. However, loud music venues, particularly with heavy baseline (rave and dance events) are not suitable for the snake.

  • The snake requires a 25-30 degree environment, therefore a warm appearance area is preferable. 

  • Smaller set times can be agreed if this is not possible

Set Time 

  • Two set times of 20 minutes is usual for walkabout appearances. It is also dependent on the temperature of the venue. If the venue is particularly cold these set times will be renegotiated and possibly reduced. A stage show is considered as one set. 

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