• PerformersDuo act
  • Duration3 x 30 mins
  • RecommendedMeet and greet

This realistic vibrant walking Dragon is 8 feet tall and 13 foot long and luckily is tame and loves to meet people. 

The Blue Dragon Trainer knows exactly how to keep him happy and can tell you some fascinating facts about him too. The Blue Dragon has animatronic features including blinking eyes, roars and moving head and jaws. 

He comes with a choice of themed dragon trainer:

  • The intrepid explorer
  • Wizard and witch
  • The Pixies
  • Medieval lord and lady

Perfect for

Tech requirements

Technical requirements:

  • An onsite access for 4 x 4 an onsite parking for the box trailer (15 feet x 8 feet x 9 feet)
  • The Dragon operator uses the privacy of the box trailer to climb in and out of  the Dragon.
  • Owing to the extremely heavy nature of the dragon the performance area must be very close or next to the Dragon trailer, ideally less than 30 metres away. 
  • Ideally on a booking with two operators we  need access to electricity to recharge the 12 volt battery which operates the Dragons camera and is essential for his mobility and interaction with people.