Acro City Slickers

Our cohort of "City Slickers" are ideal for creating a stir at any event.

  • PerformersTrio act
  • DurationShow: 6 mins / Ambient: 15 mins
  • RecommendedMix and mingle

Forget about balancing the books, these guys are able to balance on just about anything.

Our 'City Slickers' are available to perform a stage performance which includes a walkabout set to interact with guests or, just a walkabout act which is perfect for festivals and all day/night celebrations. 

in business suits and splendid bowler hats our cohort of 'City Slickers' will blend in with the crowd. They are not there to balance the accounts or make important business decisions they are there to create a stir at any event by performing their incredible displays of acrobatics. 

They are very interactive and often persuade people from the crowd to help them out with their acrobatic antics to the delight of all around! 

Perfect for

Tech requirements


  • Flat, firm surface
  • Minimum performance space required is 4m x 5m
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 3.5m - ideally 4m clearance